U-Haul Truck and Trailer Rentals at 21st Century Storage in Long Island City, NY

21st Century Storage is proud to offer U-Haul truck rentals at our Long Island City, Queens location. Whether you are moving yourself into your self-storage unit or your moving items to another location, we will help you every step of the way. Learn why renting a U-Haul truck may be perfect for your self-storage or move below. Our partnership with U-Haul ensures you have access to a reliable and affordable transportation solution, right at your fingertips. U-Haul trucks are renowned for their convenience, durability, and wide range of sizes, catering to moves of all scales. Whether you need a small van to transport a few items or a large truck for an entire household move, we've got you covered. Plus, with U-Haul's easy reservation system and our on-site rental availability, getting the right vehicle for your move is hassle-free. Our trained staff are here to assist with recommendations on truck sizes, packing tips, and driving techniques, making your rental experience smooth and efficient. Choose 21st Century Storage and U-Haul for a seamless transition, knowing that we're with you every mile of the way.

  • Our 21st Century Storage Long Island City Queens location is less than a twenty-minute drive from Midtown East, Greenpoint, and Astoria.  Making it not only the most convenient place to pick up a U-Haul, and self-store items but it is the most convenient facility for moves between boroughs.
  • We offer both in-town and one-way trucks to guarantee your move is as convenient as possible.
  • Renting a van is perfect for a studio or one bedroom. Don’t bother paying for a moving truck if you aren’t even going to fill their truck.
  • DIY Moving is easier than it looks, especially with the right tools. 21st Century Storage also has dollies, hand trucks and a full range of moving supplies. Everything you need to make your move go smoothly.
  • Feel free to move your automobile also. With car trailers and motorcycle trailers available as well.
  • DIY moves are perfect if you are moving valuables and art. We recommend if you are moving or storing anything sentimental or expensive to always try to handle those items yourself whenever possible.
  • If you aren’t moving furniture, we recommend just moving yourself. Boxes and plastic bins are very easy to move with dollies and hand trucks.
  • If you are unsure about which truck to rent give us a call today our 21st Century Storage professionals are happy to go over the truck rental process with you and help you pick the perfect truck. We can even recommend a truck for you based off your storage inventory so there is no guesswork involved.
  • Moving companies charge by the volume of your items (by the square footage) this is often confusing for customers and could lead to getting up-charged on your moving day if you undercalculated your items. It is easier to just go for a flat rate with U-Haul.
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