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Scroll down for some helpful tricks on getting the most out of your self-storage unit, some tips on packing and moving and much more.  If you have any questions about anything we discuss, please feel free to contact us.

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Why Choose 21st Century - Long Island City?


Climate Controlled Self Storage near me

Maximize Your Storage Investment with 21st Century Storage in Long Island City

Get unparalleled value and space with 21st Century Storage, where your budget stretches further. Our facility proudly offers an expansive selection of storage solutions, boasting over 1,100 units in various sizes to meet every storage need. From compact lockers for personal items to large units for bulkier possessions, our Long Island City location provides more square footage at competitive rates.

Security is paramount at 21st Century Storage. Our gated facility is under continuous surveillance with 24-hour digital security cameras, ensuring the utmost safety for your valuables. Enhanced with an onsite management team and secure electronic gate access, we offer peace of mind. Additionally, our state-of-the-art Bluetooth lockers add an extra layer of convenience and security to your storage experience.

When it comes to protecting sensitive items, our climate-controlled units are second to none. Offering both temperature and humidity regulation, these units are ideal for preserving electronics, photographs, artwork, and garments in pristine condition. The controlled environment not only guards against extreme temperatures but also serves as an effective deterrent to pests, providing an additional safeguard for your belongings.

Our climate-controlled spaces are versatile, functioning perfectly as extended living areas. Imagine transforming a unit into your personal wine cellar, or a seasonal wardrobe space, seamlessly integrating with your lifestyle. At 21st Century Storage, we're dedicated to innovative storage solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

We invite you to explore the possibilities with 21st Century Storage climate-controlled self-storage near me. Whether you're seeking efficient ways to store household items, looking for a secure space for your valuables, or in need of a customized storage solution, our team in Long Island City is ready to assist. Experience the 21st Century Storage difference, where your satisfaction is our priority and your storage needs are met with excellence and flexibility.