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Scroll down for some helpful tricks on getting the most out of your self-storage unit, some tips on packing and moving and much more.  If you have any questions about anything we discuss, please feel free to contact us.

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Climate-controlled self-storage facility in Long Island City, Queens, NY, with the Pepsi-Cola sign in the background, showcasing modern architecture and secure entry.

Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Storage in Long Island City:


Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Storage in Long Island City: A Local's Comprehensive Guide to De-cluttering and Storing Your Belongings


In Long Island City (LIC), Queens, the urban lifestyle offers endless possibilities and the inevitable challenge of managing limited space. Whether you're navigating apartment living, managing business inventory, or simply seeking to de-clutter, 21st Century Storage in LIC is your local ally. This guide delves into why our self-storage solutions are a game-changer for both residents and businesses in Queens. Reserve a Unit Now 

Understanding Long Island City's Self-Storage Landscape

Long Island City is a vibrant, rapidly evolving neighborhood, making it essential to have flexible, secure storage options. Our facility, steps from landmarks like the Pepsi-Cola Sign and Gantry Plaza State Park, offers climate-controlled units, ensuring your items are protected against the city's seasonal extremes. Whether you're in Hunters Point, Astoria, or venturing from Manhattan, our strategic location and premium features meet all your storage needs.

Top Self-Storage Units in LIC – Features and Benefits

Choosing the right storage unit is critical, and at 21st Century Storage, we offer a variety of sizes, from compact lockers for personal items to expansive spaces perfect for businesses. Security is our top priority, with 24-hour surveillance, electronic gate access, and Bluetooth locks, ensuring your valuables are safe. Plus, with flexible month-to-month leases and a loyalty program, we cater to your evolving needs.

De-cluttering Tips for Long Island City Residents

Maximizing your living space is an art, and de-cluttering is the first step. Start by categorizing items into keep, donate, or store piles. Use clear bins for items you're keeping and consider shelving units to go vertical with storage. For items you choose to store, our climate-controlled units are perfect for sensitive items like electronics, clothing, and documents.

How Businesses in LIC Can Benefit from Self-Storage

LIC's business landscape is diverse, from startups to established companies. Self-storage offers a flexible solution for managing inventory, archives, and equipment. Our proximity to central LIC, Court Square, and major transit lines provides easy access to your stored items, making it ideal for time-sensitive and seasonal business operations.

Cost-Effective Storage Solutions in Queens

We understand that affordability is as important as quality. That's why we offer competitive pricing, special promotions, and a transparent approach to storage unit pricing. Our team is dedicated to finding you the best deal, ensuring you only pay for the space you need.

Long Island City's dynamic urban environment demands smart storage solutions. At 21st Century Storage, we're committed to providing secure, accessible, and affordable options to meet the community's needs. Whether for personal or business use, our facility in the heart of Queens is designed to enhance your urban living experience.

Don't let clutter hold you back. Discover how easy and affordable it is to de-clutter and store your belongings with 21st Century Storage in Long Island City, Queens. Visit us near LaGuardia Performing Arts Center or call (646)741-4041 today to learn more about our self-storage solutions and get started on your storage journey. Reserve a self Storage Unit