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21st Century Storage showcasing the beginning of a moving day with a U-Haul truck in Long Island City, perfectly capturing the essence of readiness and reliability for moving within New York City and its neighborhoods. A U-Haul moving truck loaded and ready in front of Long Island City

Ultimate U-Haul Truck Rental Guide for Long Island City Moves


Ultimate U-Haul Truck Rental Guide for Long Island City Moves

Embarking on a New York City move or transitioning to spaces in vibrant neighborhoods like Astoria, Queens? U-Haul's comprehensive truck rental services at 29th Street, Long Island City, are your go-to for a seamless moving experience. Whether you're relocating within the bustling streets of NYC or to nearby areas such as Sunnyside or Woodside, our wide range of U-Haul trucks and trailers ensures every move is supported.

U-Haul Truck and Trailer Sizes: Finding Your Perfect Fit

For Smaller Moves: Pickup Trucks and Cargo Vans

Ideal for those quick, smaller moves or when you're shifting a single room's worth of belongings. These options are perfect for navigating the dense urban landscape of Long Island City and surrounding Queens neighborhoods.

Medium to Large Transitions: 10’ to 26’ Trucks

  • 10’ Trucks: Suited for studio or one-bedroom apartments, easily fitting a mattress set, sofa, and additional boxes.
  • 15’ and 17’ Trucks: These options cater to two or three-bedroom homes, accommodating larger furniture sets and numerous boxes.
  • 20’ and 26’ Trucks: The choice for full household moves, ensuring a stress-free relocation of your entire living space.

Enhancing Your Move with U-Haul Trailers

For extra space or specific moving needs, explore our:

  • Utility Trailers: Open-top design ideal for odd-shaped items or outdoor equipment.
  • Cargo Trailers: Secure and enclosed, protecting your belongings from the elements.

Loading Tips for a Secure Transport

Start with heavier items, ensuring even weight distribution. Disassemble large furniture and use moving supplies like bubble wrap and boxes available at our Long Island City location to safeguard your possessions.

Why Choose U-Haul in Long Island City?

Beyond our variety of truck and trailer rentals, we offer moving truck rentals with a driver and a free moving truck with storage rental deals, making us a full-service solution for your moving needs in NYC.

Ready to Plan Your Move? Contact U-Haul at 29th Street, Long Island City, for personalized service, whether you're moving within the city or to areas like Roosevelt Island or Greenpoint. With our extensive selection of moving trucks, trailers, and additional services, we're here to ensure your move is efficient and hassle-free. Want all the work and driving done for you/ Check out our Free Moving Truck and Driver deal.