Free Move-In Truck & Driver Terms & Conditions

  • Available only to new customers that rent a self-storage unit at 21st Century Storage, Long Island City including, without limitation, signing a lease and paying all applicable rent, taxes, fees and costs.
  • Available only at select “participating” 21st Century Storage facilities.
  • Eligible customers will receive the use of one (1) truck and one (1) driver from A Super Move, Inc. for a period of up to two (2) consecutive hours to move belongings into unit(s) at 21st Century Storage, Long Island City.
  • The A Super Move, Inc. driver will drive the truck from a pick-up point designated by an eligible customer to the 21st Century Storage, Long Island facility. The pick-up point must be located within 8 miles of the 21st Century Long Island City facility. Eligible customers are not permitted to ride in the truck. Eligible customers must load the truck at the designated pick-up point and unload the truck at the 21st Century Storage facility.
  • The 2 hour period described above begins immediately when the truck arrives at the pick-up point, and ends when the eligible customer has unloaded all items from the truck at the participating CubeSmart self-storage facility.
  • Eligible customers will be required to fill out and sign certain documentation as a condition to receiving this offer which may include, without limitation, a “Free Truck Request Form.”
  • To schedule a move, eligible customers must contact A Super Move, Inc. directly at Toll Free – (866) 277-4458 or such other phone number as may be provided from time to time. Eligible customers must schedule a move at least 48 hours before the intended move date and time. Eligible customers are solely responsible to schedule and confirm a move with A Super Move, Inc. Move dates are subject to availability.
  • Eligible customers will be responsible to pay to A Super Move, Inc. any and all tolls incurred in connection with a move. Additionally, other charges and fees may apply such as (i) cancellation/rescheduling charges; (ii) fees for any additional pick-up points; (iii) fees if a pick-up point is further than eight (8) miles from the participating 21st Century Storage facility; (iv) any applicable taxes; (v) fees if a move is scheduled less than 48 hours in advance; (vi) fees for use of moving services for more than two (2) hours; and/or (vii) fees for any services in addition to those described in these Terms and Conditions. Eligible customers must contact A Super Move, Inc. directly at Toll Free – (866) 277-4458 for information regarding any additional charges, taxes, or fees. 21st Century Storage is not responsible for any of these charges, taxes, or fees.
  • A Super Move, Inc. is not related to 21st Century Storage. Eligible customers must schedule moving services directly with A Super Move, Inc. Eligible customers must also contact A Super Move, Inc. directly for any and all questions and concerns regarding a move.